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Funko Funcade

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Wymiary (gł. x szer. x wys.)116 x 158 x 223cm
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Opis Funko Funcade

The King of Pop Collectibles is Here!

Funko Funcade is our latest prize game created in collaboration with Funko, featuring a retro game-style cabinet and innovative gameplay exclusively designed for Funko collectibles. With its two-player setup and diverse prize variants, Funcade offers a unique gaming experience that merges the thrill of arcade entertainment with the excitement of collectible toys!

  • Officially licensed Funko prize game
  • Exclusively uses boxed Funko collectibles as prizes
  • Fun cabinet design and innovative gameplay
  • Adjustable prize guards allow for different prize sizes
  • Ticket option can be disabled to operate in unattended locations
  • Tilt mechanism detects rocking and prevents cheating
  • Includes prize starter-kit

Funko® is a trademark of Funko, LLC.