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Coco Bowl


Cechy produktu Coco Bowl

Wymiary (gł. x szer. x wys.)130x103x296cm
Wymiary opakowania1: 115x80x218cm, 162kg, 2: 115x80x186cm, 182kg
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Opis Coco Bowl

Time to catch the coconuts with Coco Bowl, a brand-new skill-based redemption game for the whole family. The small footprint, eye-catching, beach and coconut tree themed cabinet, features vivid colour changing edge lighting.

This fun game sees players catch as many coconuts as possible in the given time using the sliding controller. The game play gets exciting and intense as players must concentrate to catch more coconuts than the set number to win the big-ticket bonus. Players keep coming back to Coco Bowl to improve their skill.



  • Skill-based redemption game
  • Intuitive sliding controller
  • Attractive beach and palm tree themed cabinet
  • Fun game play for the whole family
  • Exciting bonus feature
  • Small footprint, big potential