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Hop 'n' stack


Cechy produktu Hop 'n' stack

ProducentTouch Magix
Wymiary (gł. x szer. x wys.)89 x 104 x 259cm
Wymiary opakowania92 x 112 x 214cm
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Opis Hop 'n' stack

Simple and Compelling game play

Hop and stack up to 20 blocks of varying speed and sizes, coming at you from different directions

Simple one-button gameplay with progressive difficulty

A game of skill to test your timing and reflexes

Available in Redemption, Amusement and Bar mode Mode

  • Amusement mode game play enables to beat the daily, weekly and all time high scores with a leaderboard
  • Bar mode mode sets the machine to print tokens for beating the daily, weekly and all time high scores which can be redeemed by patrons for F&B and enter into the leaderboard