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OverTake DX


Cechy produktu OverTake DX

Wymiary (gł. x szer. x wys.)222cm x 128cm x 255cm
Wymiary opakowania1x 68cm x 132cm x 208cm, 304kg, 1x 167cm x 120cm x 166cm, 296kg
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Opis OverTake DX

“OVERTAKE DX” is a completely innovative racing car class entertainment machine. The game offers six popular model cars. Every car has different characteristics and different TURBO JET engines. You can choose according to personal likes, different modifications and colors. Cooperate with diversified track line combination, field condition, challenges such as racing car game. When connecting to the Internet, players can participate in the official challenge mode, and receive special modified equipment.


“OVERTAKE DX” new motion upgrade and vibration control strengthens the immersive game, creating the perfect racing experience. Theater level video light effects, cooperate with 42 inches LCD high-definition screen, bring audio-visual feast.  Vehicle modification upgrades, turbine jet texturing, play more diverse, the experience to upgrade again. Accelerate support 4 attachment, friendship never boring on the junior racing together.