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Pull My Finger!

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Cechy produktu Pull My Finger!

ProducentBay Tek Games
Dostępnośćna zamówienie
Wymiary (gł. x szer. x wys.)84 x 125 x 232cm
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Opis Pull My Finger!

Pull My Finger is a bright and colorful ticket redemption game that encourages players to pull the monkey’s finger, plunging a ball onto the playfield.


With six targets rotating ticket values, players need to aim and time their launch just right to win the big banana bonus! If the ball does not go straight into a target, automatic flippers have been installed on the playfield to keep the ball bouncing until it is launched into a target.


The charismatic, purple monkey and the game’s fun audio package will have everyone in the game room rolling with laughter! While the mechanical game play and playfield action will have players lined up to pull the monkey’s finger again and again! Standard features include: dual ticket dispensers, adjustable bonus patterns, built in diagnostics, and performance tracking software.


So go ahead and Pull My Finger today!


Wymiary opakowania:

1z2: 97 x 144 x 224cm

2z2: 97 x 121 x 61cm