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Pirate Falls


Cechy produktu Pirate Falls

Wymiary (gł. x szer. x wys.)110 x 80 x 248cm
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Opis Pirate Falls

Pirate Falls is an action-packed pirate-themed redemption game that players will fall in love with instantly.  By simply moving the barrel controller left and right, players must keep the pirate balanced on the floating log while attempting to collect the treasures that fall down the waterfall.  Only the steadiest of swashbucklers will remain dry long enough to collect the bonus letters to spell the word ‘PIRATES’ and win the super ticket bonus!

Pirate Falls’ bright blue, LED lit pirate themed cabinet with unique barrel controller will standout in any location, and it’s 47-inch vertical HD display will draw players in to have a go at this family-friendly ticket redemption game!

  • Vibrant 47” hd screen to captivate players
  • Bright and colourful pirate theme
  • Unique led lit barrel controller
  • Family-friendly ticket redemption game