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The Walking Dead AMC Arcade


Cechy produktu The Walking Dead AMC Arcade

ProducentRaw Thrills
Dostępnośćna zamówienie
Wymiary (gł. x szer. x wys.)214 x 138 x 254cm
Wymiary opakowania1: 211x145x127cm 2: 221x145x102cm
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Opis The Walking Dead AMC Arcade

The AMC hit TV series The Walking Dead has been officially transformed into an arcade gaming experience unlike any other. With an authentic crossbow controller, players aim to take their shot at the undead and rescue the innocent. Interior lighting and a bone shaking Thrill-D sound system will keep players on the edge of their seat as they struggle through swarms of walkers to reach safety. Fast paced action and movement demand precision accuracy and quick reflexes. Additional armaments, such as nailguns, knives, crowbars, and more, will aid the player in escaping from the dead. Rescuing fellow survivors from the oncoming horde grants players a health bonus, which reduces the odds that they too will join the ranks of the Walking Dead. Play with friends or play by yourself, if you dare!