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Atari PONG Coffe table

Cechy produktu Atari PONG Coffe table

Wymiary (gł. x szer. x wys.)121x71x49cm
Wymiary opakowania134x89x70cm

Opis Atari PONG Coffe table

Stolik kawowy zintegrowany z grą mechaniczną ATARI PONG - to nie gra wideo - to coś więcej - czysta mechanika!


ATARI Pong® Table is inspired by the classic Atari game. There are no screens or digital software; the game is recreated with motors, rails, pulleys, and magnets.​

Five motors drive the mechanism combining logic to simulate the 2D physics of the original game. The ball and the paddles are all controlled by magnets underneath.

With the ATARI Pong® Table you will experience the reincarnation of the ATARI Pong game on a whole new dimension.