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Down The Clown

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Wymiary (gł. x szer. x wys.)305x115x280cm
Wymiary opakowania244x122x178cm
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Opis Down The Clown

You're going down clown!

The second installment in ICE’s “Reviving the Skill Wall” series, Down The Clown brings one of the most popular midway games right to your game room. 1 or 2 players throw balls at the mechanical clowns, the more you knock down, the more tickets you win! Featuring a custom canopy top, hand made clowns, LED’s and a bright marquee, Down Da Clown fits perfectly on the skill wall next to ICE’s Milk Jug Toss and ICE Ball!

2 players

Durable cabinet

Classic midway game play

Optional marquee for double cabinet set up